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Red Responders is a biohazard remediation company specializing in crime scene, death, homicide, suicide and any extreme cleanup. We help families and businesses in DFW restore their homes and lives after traumatic events. For professional Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup services, contact us.

Our compassionate, respectful and well trained technicians help you heal by performing comprehensive cleanup services, so you can restore your home and life back to normal.

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Red Responders biohazard, trauma and after death cleanup experts help get your life back to normal.

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Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup: Extreme Cleanup Services

We provide a wide array of biohazard, trauma and extreme cleanup services shown below.

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Suicide cleanup
  • After death cleanup
  • Blood removal/cleanup
  • Body fluid cleanup
  • Gross filth sanitation
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Fecal spill cleanup
  • Sewage spill/backup cleanup
  • Any other extreme cleanup

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Unmatched Advantages

We help you heal by restoring your property back to its original condition while providing the most compassionate, respectful and thorough cleanup service possible.

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Our highly trained cleaning techs exercise great care and compassion during the cleanup process.

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you contact us:

  • Discreet, attentive service
  • Completely respectful of your situation
  • Easiest, fastest way to restore your home or property
  • We work with all major home insurance carriers
  • For uninsured cases, or for help with your deductible, we offer easy financing
  • Highly trained and friendly technicians
  • Available 24/7 for emergency service
  • Large service area covering Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Track record of thrilled customers

Customer Feedback

“Professional and thorough job

Thank you so much for your help! We had a recent passing in one of our apartments. We don’t anticipate having to call a Bio-hazard company, but when we do, we appreciate the professionalism and thorough job of Daren and the Red Responder’s team. Thank you!”

~ Betty A.

“Honestly just really nice guys…

We had a death in the family and our maid service referred us to the Red Responders. We didn’t even know companies like this existed. They did a great job cleaning up and were honestly just really nice guys.”

~ Daesha H.

“Informative and professional…

My brother and I didn’t know who to call when we were faced with a gunshot cleanup. The Red Responders were informative and professional on the phone and did a great job with the clean up. Thanks gents.”

~ Sean L.

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We’re here to provide discreet biohazard, after death, suicide, crime scene, and any other extreme cleanup services.

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Don’t let the burden of these unfortunate situations add to grief and hardship you’re already facing. For top-quality Dallas Crime Scene Cleanup, call Red Responders today.

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Let Red Responders restore your home, property or place of business after a tragic death.

Contact our team today for respectful, compassionate cleanup and restoration services for your home or property. One of our friendly staff will be happy to schedule an inspection and provide a cleanup estimate.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a crime scene cleaner do?

Special thanks to our friends at Bio One in Detroit for sharing the following information!

Crime scene cleaners, also known as crime scene restoration specialists, are essential to the forensic science industry. They clean up and restore areas that have experienced a major trauma event such as homicide, suicide or unattended death. They are trained to professionally remove any physical evidence from a traumatic event by utilizing techniques such as disposal of contaminated items through hazardous waste management companies, thorough cleaning of surfaces and furniture with specialized chemicals and equipment, decontamination for bloodborne pathogens/bodily fluids, odor removal using ozone generators or other industrial-strength deodorizers and disinfectants; professional color matching of damaged painted walls; reassembly of shattered furniture pieces; complete removal of porous material containing body fluids or tissue samples if needed; etc.

Most importantly though is their emotional support they provide those affected by the traumatic incident they are cleaning up after. Most crime scene cleaners not only work in an emotionally charged environment but also understand how devastating losing a loved one can be while trying to keep their clients safe at all times during the process. Additionally they offer advice on dealing emotionally with what happened to help bring closure (e.g., contact information for grief counselors/therapists)

In summary: Crime scene cleaners perform essential services restoring areas that have experienced major traumas – offering not just technical support but emotional support during a difficult time for families coping with loss from unexpected events in life like homicides or suicides.

How do crime scenes end up getting cleaned?

When a crime scene requires cleaning, specialized personnel are usually brought in to do the job. These technicians are specially trained in how to properly and safely clean up different types of crime scenes. They take into account many factors when performing their duties, including safety considerations, awareness of evidence tampering and contamination, following guidelines set out by local authorities or health departments for dislodging any contaminants from a site, collecting biohazards such as blood or other body fluids for disposal according to specific protocols.

Crime scene cleaning services provide often discreet and specialized cleaning to remove hazardous materials that may have been left behind at a crime scene. This includes bodily fluids such as blood and urine which can contain viruses and bacteria that result from violent acts or suicides; these must be disposed of correctly due to their hazardous nature. Other materials removed include items contaminated with illegal drugs or associated paraphernalia like empty syringes that may be present at the scene. In addition, they also clear away broken glass shards caused by gunshots/explosions - all while ensuring the area is thoroughly sanitized before leaving it in safe condition with minimal disruption of property/surroundings/people living nearby etc., during the entire cleanup process depending on safety concerns as well as legal requirements specific to particular areas where their services are required.

Since each case is unique so too will be each post-cleanup inspection, they strive to ensure no trace evidence remains before releasing a property back into use after crime scenes end up getting cleaned Professionals specializing in this type of work will conduct multiple tests on surfaces affected prior handing them over for reuse if needed . This includes testing for toxic residue from chemical weapons used in some crimes; testing against various pathogens; using UV light filtration techniques; fogging techniques; air sampling tests – all making sure an area is now completely safe for people again who would otherwise suffer serious health risks if returning too soon being exposed directly towards any lingering contamination that might remain after crime scenes end up getting cleaned.

What will happen if crime scenes aren't properly cleaned?

If a crime scene isn’t adequately cleaned, it can lead to several serious issues. First, the area may not be safe for anyone entering the premises after the fact due to potential biohazards and contaminants left behind. Additionally, investigators could find evidence that was missed when cleaning wasn’t done properly and this could interfere with investigations. Individuals should always hire a professional remediation company when dealing with crime scene cleanup.

Professional crime scene cleaners have access to the right tools and expertise needed to properly and safely clean an area where a crime has occurred. They will inspect every inch of the space including furniture, carpets, air ducts, ventilation systems, walls, and other surfaces that might contain any trace of biological materials or potential toxins left behind by law enforcement personnel or even just due to natural decomposition over time.

Thank you to Disaster Rescue for sharing this information.

How long after a death till professional cleaners should be hired?

Generally speaking, professional cleaners should be hired as soon as possible after death. Depending on the environment in which the death occurred, there may be different considerations to take into account.

In a home setting, where an individual has passed away due to natural causes and their body is still present in the home environment, it can be beneficial to call professional cleaners immediately. Professional cleaners have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with such unfortunate circumstances and have the necessary tools needed for proper cleaning procedures of biohazardous waste or bodily fluids. Some jurisdictions may require that specially licensed technicians perform this service for regulatory reasons - your local municipality should be able to provide you with more information on local laws that pertain to these services.

In cases where someone passes away at a hospital or other healthcare facility, those organizations often handle any necessary cleanup work themselves internally. In some cases, they might enlist outside help from professional biohazard cleaning companies but since they are regulated by government agencies they will usually do so according to established industry standards and practices that apply in each jurisdiction.

What is an unattended death?

An unattended death is when a person dies without anyone present. Unattended deaths can be discovered in a variety of circumstances, such as when neighbors notice an odor emanating from the residence or when mail accumulates without being collected. When someone dies alone, their body may go unnoticed for days, weeks or even months. This type of death is particularly significant because it has medical and legal implications since no one was immediately present to witness the circumstances in which the person died.

How do you become a crime scene cleaner?

Becoming a crime scene cleaner is an important job that entails many tasks, such as disinfecting, cleaning, and restoring property damaged during the commission of a crime.

It requires knowledge in areas such as hazardous materials safety, dealing with biohazardous waste, and understanding toxic cleaning agents and disinfectants. To become a crime scene cleaner one must have specialized training or have experience working in related fields like custodial services or environmental remediation services.

Most states require applicants to obtain licensure from their respective board of health or department of health before engaging in any type of hazardous material removal activity. This is especially true when it comes to dealing with hazardous materials found at crime scenes which include bodily fluids and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). Applicants must also provide proof that they are properly insured for potential liabilities associated with this work.

Further requirements may vary by state but some basic details can commonly be found on the relevant departments’ websites. For instance, most states will make available course outlines online as well as information about how to apply for licensing/certification cards and what continuing education credits need to be taken periodically if you work across different states all year round. Some jurisdictions may even require tests twice yearly!


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