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Biohazard Cleaning Vs. Standard Cleaning

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Biohazard and crime scene cleaning is very different than standard home or office cleaning.

There are different types of cleaning companies to handle different cleanup situations. A regular cleaning company will perform house cleaning and maid services for homes and offices. A biohazard cleaning company performs cleaning of biohazardous organisms and materials that are potentially harmful when come in contact with.

A crime scene or undiscovered death scene are two sources of possible biohazardous substances. The source of possible harm would be a decomposing body, blood spillage, or bodily fluids, etc. Bacteria and viruses come from these sources which are harmful to people and animals.

These biohazardous waste is broken up into four categories:

  • Non-sharp solid
  • Liquid
  • Pathological waste
  • Biohazardous sharps

These waste substances require technicians wear special protective equipment and a special certification (OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard 29CFR1910.1030) to dispose of these substances.

What separates biohazard and crime scene cleaning companies from regular cleaning companies?

Biohazard cleaning companies can legally dispose of biohazardous waste—they have the training to remove and handle all harmful substances and are trained in bloodborne pathogens and personal protective equipment. Regular cleaning companies are not capable of performing this type of work due to a lack of training and necessary certifications, such as legal permits.

Why can’t regular cleaning companies perform the same type of work?

Regular cleaning companies can’t and shouldn’t perform the type of work that is designated for biohazard cleaning companies. When it comes to biohazard cleanup there are steps and processes that a regular cleaning company doesn’t have the knowledge or training to perform.

This includes the following:

  • Containing and cleaning the area- Biohazard cleaning companies are trained to prevent cross-contamination while performing biohazard cleanup.
  • Sanitization-Certain measures need to be taken to prevent the risk of exposure to pathogens for people that come in contact with the cleanup site.
  • Neutralizing smells or odors stemming from cleaning the area- Biohazard companies have high-grade supplies that can perform this step.
  • Restoring to pre-event conditions- When you return to your property you want to be assured that there is no trace of the biohazard threat that once existed.

Home or office cleaning companies don’t have the expertise or training to handle chemicals, fluids or blood removal, along with the tools necessary to detect biohazardous material that may be invisible.

Enlisting a regular cleaning company to perform biohazard cleanup, can lead to negative consequences if the company performs inadequate biohazard cleanup. The most obvious would be liability concerns for commercial property or residential landlords.

What should you look for in a biohazard cleaning company?

Biohazard cleaning requires a company that is certified, trained, and specializes in this type of cleanup. You should ask for references and experiences, and steer clear of companies that are not dedicated to biohazard cleaning.

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