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Serious accidents, death, and violent crimes often leave behind horrific scenes. Blood and bodily fluids can cover carpets, walls, and other items in the room or house.

While blood itself is not considered a biohazard, harmful pathogens in the blood can lead to an outbreak of diseases, such as HIV. Red Responders is dedicated to helping families and businesses facing the aftermath of a death, accident, or violent crime pick up the pieces by offering discreet and professional blood cleanup/removal services.

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Possible Diseases Caused by Contact with Blood

Pathogens are germs that can lead to dangerous diseases. Not everyone’s blood has dangerous pathogens in it but when dealing with blood cleanup, all blood is treated as if it is. This is done to protect workers and other individuals from developing life-long and dangerous diseases, such as Hepatitis B. The following are the most common diseases that could occur from coming into contact with bloodborne pathogens:

  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C virus. They cause infections and damage to the liver.
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It destroys the body’s immune system making it harder to fight off diseases and infections.

OSHA’S Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) passed a series of standards in 1991 to help protect workers who were at risk of coming into contact with blood or other infectious materials. This became known as BOPIM. BOPIM regulations are required by law to be followed by companies that delve into fields that handle infectious materials, such as Biohazard Remediation.

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Companies that fail to follow these regulations, and put their workers in danger, can face hefty charges and other consequences.

OSHA’S BOPIM standards require companies, like Red Responders, to follow these safety precautions:

  • Use practices that are OSHA certified and that practice controls (or in other words, use a controlled environment).
  • All employees who have the slightest chance of coming into contact with or handling bloodborne pathogens or other infections materials must wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • All hazardous materials or hazardous medical waste must be properly handled, transported, and disposed of following OSHA’s standards.
  • All employees are to be up to date with their vaccinations.
  • All employees are required to go through OSHA training.
  • All instances or cases of when a worker or team of workers come into contact with or handle hazardous material must be kept on record.

Red Responders takes the safety of its team, our clients, and the community extremely seriously. This is why our team is OSHA certified, partakes in regular safety meetings/training, and is up to date with the newest innovations in biohazard remediation.

Red Responder’s Personal Protective Equipment

As per OSHA guidelines, all of our staff wear full-face protection, gloves, waterproof coveralls, and a respirator. This is to ensure that our staff is safe from coming into direct contact with bloodborne or hazardous airborne pathogens.

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Red Responders Bloodborne Cleanup Procedures

Our team’s cleanup process begins by making a thorough assessment of the situation we are dealing with. We use the OSHA-mandated employee-safety standards to assess the state of the room/house, what materials are needed, and how much manpower is needed.

We then control the area by marking off sections that we will be working in. This is to prevent cross-contamination by separating that room or affected area from the rest of the building.

Next, Red Responders will remove any unsalvageable material, such as sheets, and properly dispose of them. Once all biohazardous material has been properly disposed of, we do a thorough cleaning of the area. This includes disinfecting and deodorizing, to help bring the room back to its original state.

Red Responders do all of this while ensuring we are as discreet and respectful as possible. This is to keep the privacy of the family or office building. This is why our team works in unmarked cars.

Red Responders Blood Removal Services

You shouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up a horrific scene on your own. Allow the compassionate team at Red Responders to help you restore your home or business to its original condition. For more information on our services, contact us today!

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We guarantee you’ll only pay your insurance deductible—even in the rare case insurance doesn’t cover our services!

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