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Our Bodily Fluid Spill Cleanup Services Keep You Safe From Dangerous Pathogens

Bodily fluid spills are situations that carry a high risk of being extremely dangerous. Contagious and potentially deadly pathogens can be spread from one individual to another by coming into contact with bodily fluids.

Whether it be from a major accident, a violent crime, death, or from animals overrunning a property, ensuring that the mess gets cleaned up properly is paramount.

Don’t put yourself at risk by facing the situation alone, instead, call your trusted team of biohazard technicians at Red Responders for discreet and professional biohazard cleanup and remediation.

Dangerous Pathogens in Bodily Fluid Spills

It is extremely important to understand the gravity of the situation when faced with a bodily fluid spill. Individuals who are sick and suffering from communicable diseases, such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), transmit these diseases through their bodily fluids.

When another individual comes into contact with these bodily fluids, they are high-risk for contracting the disease. Other diseases that can be transmitted through bodily fluids are as follows:

  • Hepatitis C Virus. An infection of the liver that is transmitted through contact with blood.
  • Hepatitis B Virus. Transmitted through contact with any kind of bodily fluids, hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver.
  • Cytomegalovirus Infection (CMV). It causes long-term health problems with newborn infants.

What Type of Bodily Fluids can Spread Communicable Diseases?

Dangerous pathogens can be found in a majority of bodily fluids. Blood, feces, urine, vomit, semen, and vaginal excretions are the most common sources of the spread of these pathogens. If you or a loved one has come into direct contact with bodily fluids of another individual, you must seek out medical attention immediately to ensure that you have not contracted a disease.

How To Handle Bodily Fluid Spills

Bodily fluid spills should always be handled by a trained professional. This is to ensure that there is no cross-contamination and to protect individuals in the building. Biohazard technicians, such as your trusted team at Red Responders, have been trained under OSHA’s standards.

What Is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is responsible for creating and enforcing safety and health regulations to protect workers from environments that hold recognized hazards.

Under OSHA’s Universal precautions standards, all human blood and bodily fluids are treated as if it is known to carry HIV, HBV, or other bloodborne pathogens and communicable diseases. This helps ensure that employees are limited to exposure by requiring all employees who, due to their occupation, have to come into contact with bodily fluids are wearing approved personal protective equipment.

Employees must also follow proper cleanup/removal procedures. Failure to do so can lead to lawsuits and consequences, such as fines, from OSHA.

Here are the guidelines for handling bodily fluid spills as set by OSHA:

  • Anyone coming into contact or handling bodily fluids must be wearing personal protective gear
  • All bodily fluid spills must be cleaned by using hospital-grade, EPA approved disinfectants
  • All biohazard technicians or employees who may come into contact with bodily fluids and be expected to clean it up on the job are to be trained under OSHA guidelines
  • Waste is to be properly contained and disposed of

My Building Has a Bodily Fluid Spill, What Should I Do?

If your home or commercial property is facing a bodily fluid spill, do not try to clean it up on your own. Doing so will put others at risk of contracting a communicable disease and increasing the chances of cross-contamination. Instead, you should do the following;

  • Isolate the area
  • Ensure that people and pets stay away from the affected area
  • Locate your insurance policy information -insurance companies can help cover the cost of a bodily fluid spill

Lastly, you will want to call the professional and compassionate team of biohazard technicians at Red Responders. Our team is available 24/7 and is ready to jump into action whenever you need us. All of our staff follow a strict cleanup/removal process that is thorough and discreet.

We use unmarked vehicles to help provide privacy to your home or business, protecting the mental and physical safety and well-being of all those involved.

If your home or business is facing a bodily fluid spill, contact our team today!

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