Suicide Cleanup

suicide myths

Knowing common suicide myths and developing suicide awareness saves lives.

Suicide is an uncomfortable subject, but as a society and individuals, we should not shy away from speaking up about it. We need to spread awareness about the ever-increasing challenge of suicide and eliminate the stigma associated with it.

As professionals involved in suicide cleanup and suicide remediation, we know how important it is to debunk common myths about suicide.

Hopefully, this will allow people to look at the issue from a different angle with understanding and compassion.

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suicide cleanup process

Suicide cleanup should not be left to family or a standard cleaning company and requires specialized cleanup help.

Nothing could be more traumatizing than the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one due to suicide. Not only do you lose the person, but once the sirens fade, the family is left with a house affected by blood and body fluids, and possibly property damage.

But can you cope with the task of cleaning up the aftermath yourself?

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sad girl

Healing after loss of someone from suicide takes time and the support of others

Life can be lost in just a matter of moments. Death is never easy for the loved ones who have to continue and this holds especially true for those who have lost a loved one due to suicide.

Guilt, anger, hurt, and a sense of abandonment is common after the loss of someone due to suicide. What drives an individual to take their own life? Hopelessness, depression, the feeling that what they face is too heavy or too great for them to bear. It can be a lot and leaves everyone with a million questions, some of which will never be answered.

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