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Crime Scene Cleanup, Arlington, TX

Whenever blood or bodily fluids end up on a property, it’s imperative to call a company that provides biohazard cleanup service. If you live in Arlington, TX, and your site has experienced a traumatic or violent incident that needs biohazard cleanup and decontamination, be sure to contact the professionals at Red Responders. The professional experts on our remediation team handle the toughest tasks, including cleanup at scenes of unattended death, suicide, and murder.

crime scene cleanup services Cleaning a property after a crime or death requires equal parts expertise and compassion for people. Our team in Arlington wields both-thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting a scene while placing the victims and survivors at the center of our attention. We also handle other unpleasant cleaning tasks – such as jail cell, animal waste, and hoarding cleanup – with the same level of care, professionalism, and attention to detail.

The Importance of Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning up a crime scene is about more than erasing the stains, blood, bodily fluids, tear gas, or chemicals. Instead, it’s about providing residents with a safe place that contains minimal risk of cross-contamination or infection by microorganisms. Many biohazardous materials contain bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases, so cleanup company Red Responders works diligently to eliminate the chance of exposure before it starts.

Our Arlington-based team uses a scientific approach and cutting edge technology to clean an area as thoroughly as possible. We remove any contaminated material and triage possessions to determine if they’re salvageable. We also sanitize and perform follow-up inspections to ensure that the property remains risk-free.

Who Pays for Crime Scene Cleanup, and How Much?

The cost of crime scene cleanup varies based on the size and severity of the job. Large and more intricate scenes require more skill, equipment, and time. Expect a cleanup in Arlington, TX, to cost somewhere between $2,000 to $10,000.

how much is crime scene cleanup

Most of the time, the homeowners’ insurance company pays for the cleanup. Some victims are also eligible for benefits through the state’s victim compensation program. Learn more about compensation by visiting the website of the Attorney General of Texas.

Fast and Effective Professional Cleaning in Arlington, TX

Crime scene cleaners do not need an industry license to operate, though we need several state and local ones. These licenses give us as cleaners permission to move biohazardous materials. They also certify that Red Responders will abide by OSHA standards when handling at-risk areas.
Some of the necessary permits for crime scene cleanup include:

  • A medical waste transportation permit
  • A biohazard medical waste transportation registration
  • A trauma-scene waste practitioner permit
  • A biomedical waste transportation registration
  • An infectious waste transportation permit
  • A hazardous waste transportation license certificate

If you live in the Fort Worth and Arlington, TX, community and need superior cleanup services in the metro area, please be sure to contact Red Responders. Our highly trained and compassionate staff is available 24 hours a day to clean, disinfect, and deodorize afflicted areas. We take pride in fast and effective service that relieves families and their loved ones of the emotional and physical burden of cleaning up after a tragic event.

Discover how our crime scene cleanup services in Fort Worth and Arlington, TX can best meet your needs. Let us give you peace of mind while you navigate these turbulent times.

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