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Crime Scene Cleanup Must be Done Fast

No one expects to come home and find that access to their residence has been blocked off due to a vicious and violent crime. Or worse yet, that a loved one has been found deceased in the home and they have to put their grieving on hold until the crime scene investigation and cleanup is complete.

A crime scene is defined as the location that is associated with an unlawful act. Crime scenes contain evidence that is relevant to an investigation being conducted by law enforcement and crime scene investigators.

Whose responsibility is it to clean up a crime scene?

The owner of the property where the crime took place is responsible for the cleanup and blood removal. It’s a common misconception that law enforcement officers or crime scene investigators are the ones to clean up a murder or crime scene once the body has been removed.

In actuality, they are not skilled or trained to do the job, nor do they have the proper equipment to complete this task. Crime scene cleaners or bioremediation specialists are certified and trained to handle and remove biological contaminants from crime scenes.

Cleaning cannot commence until the property has been released back to you. This is done when law enforcement officials and crime scene investigators have completed their investigation and the coroner has removed the body from the premises. However, the cleanup of the crime scene should be done expeditiously.

Why does crime scene cleanup need to be done so fast?

Crime scenes not only contain physical evidence related to the nature of the crime, but they can also contain biohazardous material which can be found in blood, bodily fluid, or other biological material. There is exposure to bloodborne pathogens and dangerous diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C.

Also, so that family and friends of the victim can start the healing process. It is much easier for loved ones to begin healing without having to see evidence of the crime scene.

Why should I hire a professional?

The cleanup process requires a person to be trained and certified in blood pathogens and chemical exposure. Proper cleaning and safety equipment are required to perform this type of cleaning to make sure that cross-contamination doesn’t occur.

A professional can make sure that this is a rapid response that is done professionally, discreetly, and without any trace that a crime has occurred on your property.

Professional crime scene cleaners are skilled at what they do and can remove biological contaminants while providing protection from deadly infections. This begins with having the proper personal protective equipment and the necessary cleaning agents and equipment to ensure the highest degree of sanitation.

Bioremediation specialists use personal protective equipment that includes:

  • Biohazard suits
  • Double layer gloves
  • Respiratory gear

What if I can’t afford to hire a professional?

Under the Victims of Crime Act of 1984, all states have a Crime Victims Fund that provides a direct reimbursement for crime-related expenses including crime scene cleanup.

The cost of crime scene cleanup shouldn’t force you to do it yourself or to hire an unqualified company or individual. You need an efficient and qualified professional so that you can begin to put this event behind you.

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