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Violent crimes are extremely traumatic events that can shake a family or business down to its very core. While law enforcement comes in to gather evidence in order to put the pieces of the event together, the mess left behind can be hard for family members or fellow coworkers to bear.

Once they are done, the very thought of having to clean up after the loss of that loved one can be too much on those left behind. Red Responders are dedicated to alleviating the family or business of cleaning up the mess left behind by such horrific events.

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Our well trained crime scene cleanup crew works hard to restore your home or property.

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What Does a Crime Scene Cleanup Entail?

Our technicians work hard to ensure that the scene is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and any evidence or biohazard material, such as body fluids, are removed from the premises. We place the family and friends of the victim at the center of all of our services.

We want to ensure the house or business is completely safe and in a healthy state to promote healing for the family or business.

Our job may not be pretty, but it helps reduce the risk of diseases left behind by the aftermath of the crime. We also work hard to ensure that the family or business has complete privacy.

We accomplish this by ensuring that all of our work vehicles are unmarked, which keeps unwanted attention away from the home or business. Our technicians work hard until the area is back to its original state.

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What is the Cost and Who Pays?

The price for crime scene cleanup varies depending on the circumstances surrounding each individual case. Here are the factors that can change how much the cleanup process will cost.

Generally, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of a crime scene cleanup. Moreover, for crime scene cleanup, you may be eligible to receive benefits through the victim’s compensation program.

For the State of Texas, the crime victim’s compensation program and funding can be found through the attorney general of Texas.

Red Responders understand the emotional trauma that follows a violent crime, especially when it results in the loss of a loved one. Save yourself from reliving the moment and contact us today.

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