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The Red Responders team is experienced in dealing with properties of excessive hoarding and gross filth.

Within the DFW metroplex, our team will take great care to properly declutter and clean all scenes involving an excess of furniture, household items, and garbage. Lean on our expertise and allow us to safely and effectively remove the dangers associated with hoarding & gross filth properties.

Hoarding Cleanup and Removal Services

Hoarding can be caused by several factors. Witnesses or survivors of traumatic events or those with mental health disorders can develop extreme hoarding behaviors. Or, many times, people can accumulate an abundance of items over time.

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Accumulated stuff doesn’t need to take over your life. Let us help you reclaim your space.

These situations can create extremely dangerous environments where biohazardous materials, filth, and debris can spread deadly pathogens and bacteria. It is important to show care and compassion to these individuals and help restore the property to a condition that is inhabitable and safe. Red Responders are the leaders in discreet and thorough hoarding cleanup & removal services.

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According to the American Psychiatric Association, at least 2-5% of the United States population suffers from a hoarding disorder. This type of disorder can completely derail a person’s social functioning and even make it harder for them to keep a job.

Hoarding disorder is defined as compulsively and obsessively collecting items that other people may deem useless. Individuals suffering from a hoarding disorder often cannot get rid of the items they have collected due to a deep emotional connection they have associated with the item. They make excuses for why the item is still significant in their life, and over time the items begin to pile up.

Depending on the severity of the disorder, a person’s property can become extremely difficult to navigate. If they have pets or pests, such as rodents, animal feces and pet dander can begin to build up, making it difficult for those living in the home to breathe. Individuals may become embarrassed about their situation and withdraw.

This causes them to become isolated and can lead to other mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression. While it is important to address the mental state of the individual, it is equally as important to address the physical state of their living environment. Red Responders are dedicated to ensuring that individuals suffering from hoarding disorders have a clean and safe environment in which to heal.

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We can help you put the cars back in your garage, rather than all the unnecessary junk.

Gross Filth

Gross filth is a major cause for concern in a hoarding situation. Diseases, such as hepatitis, can be transmitted through contact with unseen hazards, such as human or animal feces. While many people may view gross filth as an extremely unkempt room, such as thick dusty surfaces and muddy floors, the reality is, it’s often worse than that. Gross filth is often categorized as the presence of any or all of the following;

  • Human and animal feces
  • Bodily fluids
  • Mold and mildew
  • Bacteria caused by rotting food
  • Tetanus
  • Garbage
  • Animal carcasses
  • Rodents
  • Bug infestations
  • Sewage backups

Biohazard Remediation Technicians, such as the dedicated team at Red Responders, ensure that the gross filth is cleaned up and disposed of properly to significantly reduce the risk of spreading harmful diseases and bloodborne pathogens.

We Have an Understanding Approach

Hoarding cleanup involves a lot of care, compassion, organization, and discreteness to protect and care for individuals and families involved.

Red Responders take time to ensure that all materials within the home are either salvaged, recycled, or disposed of properly. We help locate lost and valuable items, such as jewelry, firearms, collectibles, and other valuables and help restore the property back to safe living conditions.

Your family’s privacy and well-being are our top priority which is why we keep all of our vehicles unmarked. We take each room by section, properly disposing of any biohazardous materials, such as animal waste, and ensuring that the area is decontaminated and properly sanitized.

This is done in order to help stop the spread of any viruses or deadly bacteria, which can cause serious, and sometimes fatal, illnesses. If you or a loved one need help with conquering the mess and taking back control of the future, contact Red Responders today!

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