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Guidelines for Businesses Returning to Work After Covid-19

covid-19 return to work checklist

Following a few practical ‘return to work’ guidelines will ensure your business stays productive during the aftermath of Covid-19.

Life will not be the same after Covid-19, so society must take precautions and preventive measures to make our post-covid life easier.

So if you’re an employer, consulting a ‘return to work checklist’ to resume your business activities after the lockdown is a great idea.

Governmental authorities and concerned public safety institutions played an important role during the pandemic to spread awareness among the masses and flatten the curve. Similarly, they are taking measures and issuing SOPs for all kinds of businesses.

All public safety institutions including the CDC have been working hard during this pandemic to save as many people as possible. And for this reason, they have issued perimeters which must be followed once your employees resume work.

The most comprehensive guidance for businesses and employers returning to work is the CDC’s resource here.

Healthcare Businesses

If you are a healthcare worker or own a healthcare business, there are some important actions you should take before opening your business, as described below:

  • Know the present healthcare status of each employee and whether they are healthy or have Covid symptoms, such as, runny nose, fever, cough, tiredness, etc
  • Take the temperature of each employee daily
  • Adjust the floorplan of your office to encourage more distance between employees, and possibly install plexiglass barriers between them
  • Encourage social distancing and preventive measures

The CDC has devised other rules for your employees if they show any symptoms of fever, cough or are positive for Covid-19.

Non-Healthcare Businesses

If you have a non-healthcare business, then you need to follow some additional and specific directions in order to re-open your business post-Covid. These may include some of the following points:

  • Designate a Covid-19 coordinator who will be trained on all Covid-19 safety protocols. Have all employees report to this person about safety concerns or any related issues.
  • Take the temperature of each employee daily
  • Mandate or encourage face coverings, depending on local rules
  • Reduce staff as much as possible to reduce contacts
  • IF anyone displays Covid-19 symptoms, allow them to take sick leave
  • Resume operations in phases from the most critical activities to the least important

Following the above guidelines will ensure your business minimizes the chance of facing a Covid-19 outbreak and remains as productive as possible.

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