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Suicide Cleanup Process

suicide cleanup process

Suicide cleanup should not be left to family or a standard cleaning company and requires specialized cleanup help.

Nothing could be more traumatizing than the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one due to suicide. Not only do you lose the person, but once the sirens fade, the family is left with a house affected by blood and body fluids, and possibly property damage.

But can you cope with the task of cleaning up the aftermath yourself?

Why Hire Suicide Cleanup Professionals?

We understand that after a suicide in the family, you are overwhelmed and at a loss of what to do. Having a suicide cleanup company perform the cleaning may be the best solution.

By engaging the assistance of a professional suicide cleaning and remediation service, you are protecting your family’s health and safety, as well as that of future occupants.

The quality of our services and the speed in which we do the work is a testimony of our commitment. We are diligent, thorough and our suicide cleanup process approach is science-based.

Contamination Control

Dealing with the sudden death of a loved one can leave you heartbroken and confused, but with our team of professional cleaners, you’re not alone. Our first focus is safety since the scene may involve bloodborne pathogens and other dangers. We are trained and licensed for such work.

We treat people with respect and empathy in the face of difficult circumstances. We also take great care of your property and personal belongings.

Our process begins with containment measures. We ensure:

  • That affected areas are contained
  • Cross-contamination is prevented
  • Traces of blood and other biological materials are removed
  • Affected areas are disinfected and deodorized
  • Testing to confirm that affected areas are pathogens free

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Our remedial technicians begin the suicide cleaning process through blood removal and eliminating all traces of bodily fluids, chemicals, and dirt from the scene and affected areas. We then thoroughly disinfect the scene using the latest products. Finally, we use quality deodorizers to eliminate any lingering odors in the home.

We abide by OSHA’s guidelines when working in your house to prevent the spread of bloodborne pathogens and diseases from blood or bodily fluids.

Professional and Licensed Services

Suicide cleanup entails delicate services, which is the reason why you need a team of restoration and remedial professionals. We are licensed, certified, and insured to remediate biohazard environments fast and safely per applicable standards and local laws.

Our experts use science-based cleaning protocols not only to contain and disinfect all harmful biological materials. We combine professionalism with a human touch!

Humane Cleanup Process

When coping with a suicide situation, care, and compassion is paramount. Our technicians empathize with those affected by these traumatic situations. We understand the sensitivity of the matter and do our work with compassion and the utmost discretion.

The goal is to bring back a sense of calm to those impacted by the sudden death.

Our cleanup process requires experience, expertise and proper equipment. Don’t burden yourself with more than you can handle. Take care of yourself and the family by seeking professional cleanup services during your time of grief.

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