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Suicide is devastating for the friends and family of the victim. It can be a confusing time that fills those affected with anger, hurt, and deep sadness, as they try to cope and come to terms with their loss. It becomes even more difficult when the family is left to deal with what is left behind.

Red Responders are dedicated to reducing the heartache and trauma that the family is experiencing by offering discreet and professional suicide cleanup services. Our team is completely thorough and helps restore the area back to it’s original state.

This helps remove the negative memories that are associated with the room and helps prevent the spread of deadly diseases, such as hepatitis, which can occur from contact with bodily fluids.

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Our cleanup services allow families recover without having to deal with what is left behind

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Personal Protection During Suicide Cleanup

Depending on the circumstances of the suicide, bodily fluids and gore can be left throughout the room. Not only is this a horrific sight that can lead to emotional trauma for the family, but being exposed to these types of conditions can result in the spread of diseases.

Our team of cleanup technicians have been thoroughly trained to handle every type of biohazard material. We wear protective clothing and gloves, allowing us to handle these materials without putting them in harm’s way.

Red Responders are extremely thorough in its cleanup, as we remove soft furniture, such as mattresses and sofas, that are not salvageable. We take great care to sanitize the entire area and ensure that all biohazard material has been properly disposed of.

Once we have completely sanitized the room, we remove any odors and filter the air so that it is left smelling fresh.

How Much Does Suicide Cleanup Cost?

The price for suicide cleanup varies depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. These factors determine the extent of the services we have to provide which can increase or decrease the cost:

  • How many rooms were affected by the suicide
  • The amount of structural damage
  • How long the room has been left in its current state
  • Any additional complications getting the task done, such as large machinery

Who Pays for Death Cleanup?

Typically, the family’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of a suicide cleanup. They may also cover the cost of damaged and lost materials due to the event or the cleanup as well. Red Responders can help you navigate the claims process with your insurance provider.

We understand that the emotional impact of suicide can shake your family to its very core. We work hard to ensure that the damage left behind is completely cleaned up and restored to avoid any more heartache or emotional distress.

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