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Unattended Death Problems and Considerations

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Unattended death cleanup poses some unforeseen problems and considerations.

After an unattended death is discovered and reported to the appropriate authorities and the body removed, it is usually the family’s responsibility to clean up the area.

To many, death cleanup might sound like any standard cleaning. In reality, it’s a specialty service that requires proper equipment, training, and expertise.

Our unattended death cleanup team will safely and quickly handle all your unattended death problems with great professionalism and compassion.

Dealing with a Decomposing Body Scene

The most stressful aspect is dealing with a discomposing body scene if the unattended death took long to be discovered. An unattended dead body begins decaying fast. Dealing with such cleanup from a decomposing corpse is something that should be left to the professionals.

One particularly tricky issue with an unattended death that stays undiscovered for days is maggots. These “squeamish whitish creatures” develop about 48 hours after death. Even after the body is removed, they scatter around, potentially carrying harmful pathogens with them.

To get rid of such, you need the help of professional cleaners who know how to track them down and eliminate them. We use medical-grade chemicals to eliminate these harmful pests and other substances.

Pathogens, Hazards and Odors at the Scene

Among the biggest challenges a family faces following an unattended death in the house is exposure to harmful biohazards.

  • Traumatic deaths such as suicide, homicide, or accidents can result in blood and other fluids in the area.
  • What this means is that there’s a strong possibility for contamination with diverse bloodborne pathogens.
  • You might have to cope with strange odors.

Decaying food in the deceased’s refrigerator, freezer, countertops, and cupboards may at times cause more odors and health risks than the copse itself. We use non-toxic and recommended decontaminants to get rid of such pathogens and odors. We also decontaminate and sanitize the scene.

Pet Dirt or Dead Pets

If pets are left indoors alone after their owner’s death, they are likely to relieve themselves on carpets, furniture, and beds. We help you clean up the accumulated pet feces and urine, which might also have soaked through the carpets and flooring after their owner’s death.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to find pets who have died following their owner’s death due to hunger or other causes. We can remove and dispose of the dead pet as per the family’s instructions. We also clean up any decomposition matter.

Final Restoration

The final goal is to eliminate all evidence of the unattended death. If, for example, the family wants the residence restored to a livable, safe condition or for sale, we do that for you. We are crime scene and death cleanup experts and have the training, expertise and equipment to restore scenes of unattended deaths.

Dealing with unattended death issues is emotionally challenging and should not be done by one person alone. The best course that any family can take for a comprehensive unattended death cleanup is to use the services of experienced and compassionate crime scene and biohazard remediation specialist.

Contact us for we know how to cleanup attended death issues with efficiency and compassion.

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