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The discovery of a death is overwhelming, especially when it is a loved one. Decomposition also makes the room uninhabitable and extremely dangerous because it produces hazardous pathogens that can spread terrible illnesses.

It is important and essential to get a professional team of biohazard cleanup technicians to address the mess left behind by the tragedy.

Our team of experienced technicians have been specially trained under OSHA guidelines and regulations for biohazard cleanup and removal. We’re here to help you overcome tragedy and get your living or commercial space back into a livable state.

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Let our expert team of experts clean the mess left behind by tragedy or undiscovered death.

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Most Common Types of Undiscovered Death

Undiscovered deaths can occur for a number of different reasons. The most common occurrences leading to an undiscovered death are as follows:

  • Accident
  • Suicide
  • Illness or Disease

No matter what circumstances led up to the undiscovered death, the immense tragedy and emotional distress that the person who discovers the body experiences remains the same. Red Responders are dedicated to reducing the emotional turmoil by helping families clean up the scene of an undiscovered death and return the room to the way it was before disaster struck.

Human Decomposition Stages

The biggest challenge facing an undiscovered death cleanup is the natural human decomposition process. This process, while natural, can lead to extremely unsanitary conditions that make a space uninhabitable by humans. We’ve been trained to recognize and understand how to properly handle the different stages of human decomposition.

This knowledge allows us to salvage cleanable material, properly dispose of hazardous substances, and return the property to a livable state. Here are the four stages of decomposition and how they affect the living condition of the property.

Early Stage

The early stages of the decomposition show no evidence that the process has even begun. This usually indicates that the death was recent.

Bloating Stage

As the body begins to break down, gasses and fluids begin to build up within the body, causing it to bloat. This typically indicates that the death isn’t as recent. Gasses and fluids released from the body causes a foul odor and results in hazardous airborne pathogens.

Active Decay

This is the more advanced stage of the decomposition process. This is where the rest of the gasses and fluids are expelled from the body, creating gruesome conditions that have a high potential of creating viruses and bacteria that can affect humans that come into contact with them.

Dry Stage

The decomposition process has come to an end leaving behind mostly bone. Airborne pathogens and aggressive bacteria are still present on the property.

Extreme Care During Undiscovered Death

Undiscovered death cleanup has to be performed with extreme care and caution. Personal protective equipment and expert knowledge on how to properly handle biohazardous material are essential to ensuring that the scene is cleaned up properly and that the property is able to be restored back to its original condition.

Our technicians have been trained extensively, and continue to receive on-going training, to ensure that our services are performed thoroughly and with the utmost precision.

If you are faced with the difficult challenge of discovering a death, our professionals can help. All of our vehicles are unmarked to give the families the utmost respect and privacy. We ensure that all materials are properly cleaned, disposed of, and that the odor is completely treated.

Contact us to help restore your property and give you and your family the peace you deserve and need to heal.

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